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Hope House Foundation
801 Boush Street, Suite 302
Norfolk, Virginia 23510
Phone: 757.625.6161
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***PLEASE NOTE that Hope House Foundation is located and operated exclusively in Southeastern Virginia. We have no affiliation with other organizations of the same name.***

Hope House Staff

All of these individuals can also be reached by phone at 757.625.6161.


Susan Henderson

Planned Giving & Endowment

Elena Montello

Behavioral Consulting Services

Angela Stevens

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Elena Montello

Board Membership

Sara Gravely

Service Directors

Shannon Pociask

Community Support & Inclusion Project

Robin Haverty

Sponsorship Opportunities

Elena Montello

Employment Opportunities

Kacy Connors-Boyters

Stockley Gardens Arts Festival

Laura Janosko

Events & Event Volunteers

Laura Janosko

Team Support Director

Susan Henderson

Guest Speaking Consulting Services

Lynne Seagle

Thrift Shop

Elena Montello

Internship Opportunities

Shannon Pociask

Skilled Volunteer Opportunities

Elena Montello