There’s a big difference between living in the community, and truly participating in that community. That’s why Hope House created our Community Support Program. It’s designed to increase opportunities for the people we support to take an active role within their communities.

The Community Support Program provides individual support and financial assistance to facilitate meaningful connections and activities within the community. From joining the gym or taking a pottery class, to asking a church friend to lunch or volunteering at an animal shelter, the program empowers people with developmental disabilities to achieve a sense of true citizenship and belonging.

Through this program, many of the people we support are now involved in various volunteer groups, as well as classes for yoga, knitting, piano, and computer technology. They are getting involved in their communities and making friends. Hey, it’s an ordinary life. But for a person with developmental disabilities, that can be an extraordinary gift.

Get involved.

If you’d like to make a donation of tickets, memberships, or other items that would benefit our Community Support Program, please email Mary Kate Fowler or call 757-625-6161 x508.

If you wish to make a cash donation to enhance community life for the people we support, you can do so through our Annual Fund. Or perhaps you’d like to volunteer. We welcome your help, in whatever form you choose to give it.