Want to learn more about people with disabilities? Here’s a list of websites that we’ve found helpful over the years. Would you like us to add your website to the list? Contact us and tell us about your site.

Blogs or websites by or about people with disabilities

  • Ballastexistenz - A woman with non-verbal autism tells it like it is
  • Communicating with an Autistic Child: A Parent's Guide
  • Pipecleaner Dreams - Single mother of five children, four of whom have significant disabilities
  • The Riot - Self-advocacy for people with disabilities
  • Rolling Around In My Head - Musings from Dave Hingsburger, a renowned writer and speaker in the field of disabilities
  • i go homeFor years, children with a intellectual disability were not allowed in public schools. Parents were told to send their children with intellectual disabilities away to institutions. It was not until the late 1960s that a television expose shed light on what was happening inside the walls of institutions. It was that knowledge that fueled parents and the public to ignite change.
  • Medicare vs Medicaid - What's the difference? Everything you need to know about these government programs. 

Disability Services and Organizations

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